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MicrosoftA few weeks ago, in a post about the different Web Analytics Vendors and their respective strategies, I mentioned that Microsoft would probably enter the WA market more in terms of a potential competitor to Google Analytics.

Well, this week, WebTrends CEO, Greg Drew, sent me an email announcing that Microsoft had chosen WebTrends as a Web Analytics solution (Read the press release) for their own use.

I see that the WA market is getting more and more segmentated. The fact that Microsoft that now also posesses it’s own Web Analytics solution (DeepMetrix) also chooses a tool such as WebTrends makes me think that this is indeed the case.

In the coming years WA Vendors will specialize further as the Internet continues to grow and keeps getting more and more complex. I remember back in the 90s when you couldn’t do that many things with your website and a tool like FrontPage could easily handle 90% of what was possible to build back then. Nowadays, more and more systems are being launched and the complexity of the Internet is growing. So is the reporting.
For the moment I see 3 segmentations in the sector:

  • Basic WA solutions for consumer or small businesses
  • Specialized solutions for advertisers such as Google Analytics
  • Enterprise solutions such as WebTrends with partial integrated BI tools or the possibility to export data towards a DataWarehouse.

In the future we will see maybe more segmentations arising but the third kind of solutions will need to deliver all the types of Web Analytics if they want to stay in the loop.

As I said in a previous post, Microsoft is likely to enter the game but as a competitor of Google more than the enterprise solutions as Webtrends, Omniture or WebSideStory, so I don’t think that this kind of players need to be afraid by the future Microsoft move.
I also agree with Matt Jacobs when he says that there has been too litle buzz around the Microsoft move into Web Analytics as Microsoft is likely to launch a great product for advertisers and their Ad Center don’t seem to be catching yet lot of attention.


A quote from Greg’s email:

“Today we are announcing some very exciting news that I wanted to share with you. Microsoft has selected WebTrends as its global web analytics standard.
This selection was part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to replace a variety of web analytics solutions in use throughout its organization with a single global reporting standard that would offer scalable, integrated reporting and consistent metrics, enabling them to compare initiatives across their Internet properties for thousands of users across the company. They also needed a high degree of flexibility to easily integrate web information within their broader business intelligence strategies.
WebTrends was found to be the best choice after an extensive, eight-month long evaluation, beating out its primary competitors due to the following reasons:

  • Superior ease of use
  • Reporting accuracy and flexibility
  • Company viability
  • Implementation time and costs
  • Leading training and support”

Needless to say that e are very happy at OX2 regarding this news as most of our clients use WebTrends and we are the only European members of the Webtrends Insight Network.

Well done WebTrends US 😉

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