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Jobs: Web Analytics Analyst Position @ OX2

June 17, 2006

Our Web Analytics TeamOX2, Brussels based Interactive Agency is looking to expand its Web Analytics business unit.
We are looking for motivated, forward thinking and enthusiast individuals that are not afraid of long hours, technology, challenges, statistics and online business models.

You'll be working closely together with our IT department to get the reporting the client needs by assuring that the systems integrate the adequate tags and our Design department to follow-up on usability and ergonomy issues. Collaboration with the clients is a must in order to help foster growth from their online initiatives and assure return on investment from their actions.

Ideally, you'll be able to identify statistical outliers or discrepancies and think out-of-the-box with respect to data analysis, now and in the long term. Furthermore, a European background or interest is preferred. (more…)


Microsoft & Web Analytics

June 8, 2006

MicrosoftA few weeks ago, in a post about the different Web Analytics Vendors and their respective strategies, I mentioned that Microsoft would probably enter the WA market more in terms of a potential competitor to Google Analytics.

Well, this week, WebTrends CEO, Greg Drew, sent me an email announcing that Microsoft had chosen WebTrends as a Web Analytics solution (Read the press release) for their own use.

I see that the WA market is getting more and more segmentated. The fact that Microsoft that now also posesses it’s own Web Analytics solution (DeepMetrix) also chooses a tool such as WebTrends makes me think that this is indeed the case.

In the coming years WA Vendors will specialize further as the Internet continues to grow and keeps getting more and more complex. I remember back in the 90s when you couldn’t do that many things with your website and a tool like FrontPage could easily handle 90% of what was possible to build back then. Nowadays, more and more systems are being launched and the complexity of the Internet is growing. So is the reporting.
For the moment I see 3 segmentations in the sector: (more…)