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I was reviewing search terms used to come to this blog and found the term "Web Analytics Market Share" popping up a couple of times.
I'm getting a good idea of a couple of European markets but won't publish this kind of information because I think its not my role. And I'm not objective …

My first reaction was, if this guy (or woman) is really interested in that kind of information and we are talking about my local market, have them call me.

My second reaction was: are we talking about products or services?

My third reaction becomes esoteric as I start to wonder how the proportion is starting to evolve between the 2 aspects. And then I think of Avinash and his presentation at the Emetrics summit: 10% is the product, 90 % is the brains.

In the light of my previous post, I think the proportion is not there yet but we are all striving towards getting the right balance, assuring a better evolution of our trade.

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  1. Adron Says:

    I came here while searching for those exact keywords. I also have your blog in my regular queue of RSS feeds though.

    I was searching for nothing more than a break down of the web analytics companies to see who is positioned where. Then of course, I also believe in your later statement that it is 10% tool and 90% brains. Web analytics is kind of simple from an application perspective, making decisions in the best way when acting upon those application statistics is the difficult part and that is when those brains come in handy!

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