, competitor to Google?


There was an interesting very short discussion during the Emetrics Summit about supplementing Google in terms of tools used to find pertinent information.

VS Google Logo

Now, the concept is not the same. is a social bookmarks manager, allowing users to add bookmarks to their lists and categorizing them. Indeed, the information rendered in is for me more pertinent but not the holly grail as it's ubiquity is not as complete as for Google.

Funny thing also when I talked about this possible issue with Vincent Wauthier, one of our designers, he talked to me about Digg, a user-generated social bookmarking site where credits could also been given.

Siegert, my WA mate, then came with another blog about Web Analytics and the Emetrics Summit in Santa Barbara by Bruce Clay Inc., Internet Business Consultants. Except for their interesting review about the Emetrics Summit, they also posted an interesting article about this social networking issue and the fact that some data from Digg was being questioned.

More specifically, the conclusions were as follows (quote):

"Regardless, the premise behind Digg and other social ranking sites has now changed (who's in charge – users or site editors?) and marketers and SEOs alike should be wary when favoring social marketing tactics over traditional organic search. Social ranking sites are still relatively new to the game and clearly they still have some growing pains to work out. So let's not abandon the traditional methods of SEO and internet marketing, okay?"

I couldn't have said it better. I see here in Belgium Marketing Managers leaping into blogs and things like that eventhough they haven't mastered their own websites in terms of definitions of actual objectives and therefore of what they would consider to be conversion. Before starting new initiatives, make sure you master your own site before acquiring traffic and… throwing money out the window by ways of non justified bannering campaigns. And please, do me favor, don't give me the branding justification: it only shows you haven't really thought hard enough about it.


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