The State of European Web Analytics: moving the right way!


I was reading my emails this morning when I received a mail from Siegert. He sent me an interesting article by Neil Mason on clickz. The article is named 'The State of Web Analytics' where Neil shares his vision about the European Web Analytics market in comparison with the US market and also with last year.

I'm happy to see that my team was mentioned (to my knowledge Aurélie & Siegert where the only Belgian atendees) and here's a promising quote:

"Certainly, there was more evidence (European) businesses are deploying Web analytics and seeing the benefits."

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Some other Emetrics Reviews:

Vicky Brock of HBR: The 2006 Emetrics Summit London
Mike Grehan of Smart Interactive : eMetrics Summit 2006
If you also atended the Emetrics Summit, don't hesitate to share your experiences and send me your report, I'll publish it under this post.


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  1. Avinash Kaushik Says:


    I agree with your assessment, it was a interesting summit and most definitely our peers in EU are firmly moving in the right direction. But I would hypothesis that in some ways a few EU vendors and practitioners are moving in different and interesting directions from the US. For example both indexTools and instadia are doing innovative things, indexTools with its interface and fast performance for a cheap price and instadia with built in surveying. The latter is very important in my humble opinion (I wrote about this on my web analytics blog yesterday:

    But one of the key takeaways for me, attending and presenting from the US, was that all of us around the world face so many similar problems in this space, and meeting as a group to talk was great.


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