Speaking at the 9th Database Marketing Conference Day


Last week I was invited to make a case presentation at the 9th Database Marketing Conference Day organized by the Stichting Marketing Foundation. It was the first time I attended the event, and I was surprised by its size. I imagined it would be smaller but looking at the attendees list, there are no less than 170 people.

In the afternoon I was addressing a presentation with one of our clients, Thomas Dusart, Franchise & Marketing Director at Deli SA (Panos). We were presenting an online campaign that we did last November called 'Click & Win'. The audience seemed pleased by the presentation and the most interesting slides were the ones around the results and Web Analytics. The idea was to present how a campaign mixing online & offline initiatives could be very successful and not necessarily expensive. Among the objectives, we wanted to collect 20.000 contact details of customers within 1 month. We stopped the campaign after 18 days as we had already over 40.000 which was more than we expected.

One of the curious things about this case was the viral effect done primarily through blogs and forums. Twice the answers to the questions were published and as you can see on the graph below, each time the increase of visits had been enormous.

This Sunday I received an email form an advertising professional starting by: "I loved your presentation last Wednesday…" this is very encouraging ;-). I think that I'm going to look deeper in the Web Analytics of this case and present it at our Web Analytics Day. I'll keep you posted.


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  1. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    You can read more about the Panos eCouponing case in the OniSystem website (http://www.onisystem.eu)

    You can also view the flash game here.

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