Web Side Story HBX 3.5 What’s new?


I was reading a French website about Web Analytics and read that HBX had released their new version (sorry I was away in Venice these last days so I just have discovered now). What seems to be the new two key features are: audio/video & mobile devices measurement. Sorry to say, but I don’t see anything I haven’t seen on version 7 of WebTrends at Belgacom, one of our customers, one year ago.
What seems to be ‘unique’ is the fact that they are ‘native’ what does this really mean? That they are by standard with HBX? Ok, nice feature, but as Robbin Steif (lunametrics.blogspot.com) said these past days most website responsibles are still asking themselves what Web Analytics can do for them so I guess that they might start with ‘regular’ Website Analytics before proceeding with mobile or streaming measurement.

This reminded me that WSS bought ATOMZ, a CMS solution. I guess that their strategy is integration and they have chosen to buy a CMS solution to integrate with.
WebTrends in their new Version 8 (Marketing Lab), with the Data-warehouse it goes further than just an integration and remains closer to his core business.
Also, the possibility to distribute through Sharepoint is a great asset. From my point of view, WebTrends has chosen to stick to what they know and deliver best of breed solutions.
Each WA solution should limit itself to what he knows best.
For example at OX2 we develop CMS and we know how to build them and how to integrate them, we have decided to integrate with WebTrends and together we make a great combination. Between best of breed or integration, we choose best of breed.

Nice additions WSS but nothing really new if I may say so (you may comment or explain me in what these features are really innovative if you think so).


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