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Finally. My first post on this blog!!!

Not that I have a fanclub waiting for my feedback, but I know René and Aurélie were eagerly expecting some more technical input from my side, so that we kind of cover all different aspects of WebAnalytics on this blog.

Cause don't be mistaken, although the business side of WebAnalytics is far important and indispensable for marketeers, they need a strong technical backup team.

IT remains responsible for the optimal functioning of the web analytics software and related hardware.

In corder to simplify the technical implementation and the maintenance of their solution, most web analytics vendors only propose ASP solutions.

But due to the fact that more and more tagging solutions are being used, IT often becomes also responsible for automatic tagging through the CMS system and must ensure correct traffic flow or bandwidth. So even if a company chooses for an ASP WebAnalytics product, IT is still needed.

During contacts with Web Analytics clients, I have experienced however that companies prefer inhouse software as opposed to an ASP solution for confidenciality reasons but also integration simplification with external data such as CRM systems or emailing tools. For WebTrends users this will become even more important with the release of the new WebTrends MarketingLab in which the integration with an external datawarehouse is now possible.

So based on the the previous assumptions and cause I felt there was a need at the different WebTrends clients I have been working with, we, at WebAnalytics.be, organised the WebTrends Advanced Technical Training (WATT), in March 2006.

Topics that were covered by the great Iain Murphy (WebTrends Senior Trainer) were amongst others system requirements, system management and monitoring, table limiting and trimming, SDC implementations and load balancing. So basically a step further than the standard Administrator Training and based on the feedback of the attendees, this wasjust what they needed.

If you want more info on this WATT or any other WebTrends or customized Web Analytics training, don't hesitate to contact me (siegert at ox2 dot be).

That's it for my first post. It took a while before I started, but try to stop me now…
From now on you can expect tips and tricks for configuration and administration of WebTrends and Google Analytics on a regular basis.
All comments and questions are welcome.

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