Of course they are biased, so are you. Get over it!


While I was enjoying a West Wing episode after a long week, a fabulous French/Belgian dinner and an interesting conversation (thank you Axel), my husband barged in telling me that some guy called Fred had been blogging on the WA Yahoo user group. I haven't read it yet (will do so after this post) but apparently, this Fred was saying all kinds of things amongst which the fact that guys like Peterson were biased.

Off course they are! So am I and so is he (Fred I mean). We all look at the world through our own eyes and are influenced by our surroundings but fact remains that they have been pushing, for quite some time now and a lot of energy, a sector that can only benefit from their input.
I read Eric Peterson's Hacks some months ago and use the KPI workbook with my clients on a regular basis and I'm terribly grateful for the input. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I've started reading Jim Sterne a couple of years ago and I can only be humble in front of such knowledge and his will to share his thoughts.

This does of course not mean I always agree.
Some weeks ago, Eric Butler mentionned a HBR paper about Analytics, which I read and commented it, according to my thoughts at the time and experience (I'm only 33). Mr. Sterne also commented it through another angle and even though, I don't agree with all of it, it made me think.

We all read Eric Peterson's last mention in a news article before he left for Visual Sciences – I'm soooo curious about this vendor – and I don't agree with that either: third and first party cookies, same daugh as last year. Let's move on.

Let's be honest. Off course, we are not all revealing what we are secretly doing behind the scenes and there is a strategic reason for that. After all, we are living in the real world and remain fierce competitors. But we are united by one goal: push WA further and by this the application of online technologies into our daily lives for the good or our clients and our intellectual curiosity.

These people are willing to share thoughts and information with the outside world for a worthwhile goal and something I'm interested in. That's all there is to is but for that, we should be grateful.
It's then up to us, we have the choice, to agree or not and act accordingly.

The West Wing episode was the one about Ainsley Haines, a blond female Republican, being hired by the democratic Bartlet administration. The West Wing staff were opposed to it. CJ was screaming ARE YOU KIDDING on the top of her lungs 😉
They did find out that the important thing was not that she was a Republican but that she had a different angle, perspective with respect to the issues at hand. It made them think and evolve, putting their own personal issues aside.


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