Launch Update: WebTrends Marketing Lab Webcast


While we @OX2 are thinking harder and harder about the use of the word CMS (content management system), Webtrends’ release of MarketingLab titles in their latest communication “Get reading for the changing world of marketing..”.
Seems we are on the same wavelength regarding the evolution of marketing activities or the responsibilities of CMOs (Chief Marketing Executives), as the Americans call them.

So, we’ve got a date: March 23rd at 10 AM (PST)… will need some calculations there 😉
Sign up here.

The interesting thing is also that WebTrends suggests reading their (annual) CMO report, which I just did and yes, I was surprised by the numbers on different aspects.

I’m not going to reveal all that there is in the report but a few reflections of my own:
1. I was happy to see that in terms of creatives used, we are not the only ones using glasses. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to find creatives that are meaningful for Web Analytics!
2. Are those CMOs telling the truth? yes and no. I was actually surprised to see that they consider themselves to be more expert than their staff, with respect to WA. I usually find the contrary: it’s the CMO that’s lagging behind and not the staff… they are the ones who have the frustrations.

That’s actually why I joined OX2: I was frustrated because my former bosses couldn’t really grasp the power of technological evolution. I remember one former CMO shouting at me that we “those StartUp people” were dreamers and that it was all bullshit. Yeah, right, from someone who couldn’t even check his own emails, let alone find the on/off button of his computer.
Note that I wouldn’t mind working for this company again as the current CMO is much more e-ntelligent 😉

3. staff: you need staff. Web Analytics is not something that you ask someone to do on part time basis. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you want to get serious about WA, be serious and dedicate resources. And if you can get people together to discuss about it, well there is more in 2 heads than in 1.
4. responsibility: tie performance reviews and compensation or at least your staff’s objectives to measurable results. But, be aware: do this on a global level for your company or else you might have conflicting objectives, coming from different departments.
You can download the 2006 CMO WebSmart Report here


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