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I've never started a blog. For the last weeks, I've been spending time reading other people's opinion and sometimes sharing my thoughts but I must admit that this is a jump in the pool for me!
Let's find out if I'm gonna just dangle my feet or really jump off from the diving board.

Anyhow, let's start with a date: next Wednesday: March 8th it's Womens Day 😉
Just to let you guys out there notice us women a bit and not forget that we are out there, on the field, have things to say and do understand technical things.

I had a sales guys on the phone a couple of weeks ago, probably a French guy. As I picked up the phone, he asked for my IT Manager. As Christophe was quite busy that day and I had some time to spare, I curtiously inquired about the nature of his call. Filtering has become my speciality lately as they always think I'm the receptionist, which I actually have been to pay for part of my studies.
He told me it was regarding our Internet connections and sounded annoid. I asked him "what about our Internet connections?".
He abruptly replied that it was quite technical, in other words: much tooooooooooooooooo complicated for my female peanut head I suppose!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this in a not very gentelmanly fasion!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow, passed it on to Christophe and he confirmed some hours later that my female intuition was actually right: stupid sales guy.
I'll listen to my instincts next time, you'll be darn sure, just for the fun of it 😉

So, 8/3: burn it in your brains and remember that we come in different categories.
I can talk to you about CMS, CRM, ERP, XML, RSS, and have opinions about their respective evolutions. My point of angle is business related and consumer orientated, from a woman's stand point. I'm not an engineer so I don't really care how fast your machine is or even how those bits and bytes are being transported. The important thing is that they exist (or can be created) and match accordingly in order to do best what their meant for: my clients business models and objectives.
Because on top of that, I used to be a Business Analyst and today apparently, I became an entrepreneur, together with my husband.
That's why OX2's Web Analytics business unit today exists, thanks also to my husband and a great guy called Siegert.

And on top of that, I love to cook, enjoy decorating our appartment, planting seeds into the ground, walking in the woods, driving fast with my husbands car and think about the evolution of the planet we live on.
I'm also a huge, huge fan of West Wing but just stumbled, thanks to Arte (a French/German cultural TV station in Europe: www.arte-tv.com/femmes) upon Commander in Chief starring Geena Davies.
Geena apparently plays a female president of the USA. I'm too tiered to jump up and down but would like to share a thought related to the the following link: http://abc.go.com/primetime/schedule/2005-06/commander.html.

In terms of path analysis, according to my mood, I would click on more information related to Commander in Chief as on the Desperate HouseWives banner.
What does this say in terms of segmentation?


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