Ideas for the next Web Analytics Day


Following our 2005’s edition of our Web Analytics Day‘s feedback (btw, thanks to the 64 people that filled-in our 6 pages long feed-back form ;-)), I thought that this Blog would be a better place to share some ideas with you about our next edition that we will organize this year.

We had many constructive feedbacks last year and here are some changes that we plan for the next edition that will take place for its second edition also at the FEB/VBO.
Aurélie Pols presenting how to set-up a Web Analytics project

Some planned changes:

  • The sessions will be shorter in order to encompass more topics
  • We will speak again about SEO, Emailing and Conversion as the workshops where very much appreciated
  • Other workshops will be added as BI integration, KPIs & Dashboards, A/B testing, …
  • Some end users will be invited to present how they use and what has been their experience with Web Analytics (if you would like to present your case, don’t hesitate in dropping me an email)
  • We promise to do all our best to keep the planed timing

We are of course open to your suggestions. Don’t hesitate to post a comment to share your ideas.

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